Solid Symposium 2023

Session: Potentials and Challenges

date & time: Fri, Mar. 31, 2023, 09:00-12:30

Solid Potentials and Challenges in Industrial and Logistics Scenarios

In this session we will focus on the several use cases for implementing Solid in Industrial and Logistics. We will provide some examples of successful implementations of solid-based solutions and show main characteristics and differences of other approaches in data spaces area, like GAIA-X or IATA ONE Record. With this in mind, we will also discuss challenges Solid needs to meet.

Invited speakers and program

  • Sebastian Bader (WebID), SAP Germany
  • Solid Taskforce STAR working group, Fraunhofer SCS and FAU TI
  • Regis Verschueren,
  • Detailed program

    Gaia-X, Data Spaces, and the Asset Administration Shell: Potentials and limitations of the Solid approach

    Sebastian Bader, SAP Germany, approx. 09:00 - 10:00

    Several ambitious data ecosystems are prepared at the moment. Namely the Mobility Data Space, Catena-X, but also many others drive the developments towards seamless cross-company data exchange. Interoperability, transparent data representation and control, and the sovereign usage of the exchanged data items are reappearing, critical requirements. The Solid specifications propose solutions to parts of these challenges but need to work together with many other standards and specifications. Prominent examples are Gaia-X and International Data Spaces for cloud scenarios and the Asset Administration Shell for industrial Digital Twins.

    This presentation outlines possible combinations of the concepts, discusses the latest developments in the data spaces community, and proposes promising application areas. Based on the experiences from e.g. Catena-X, we talk about the guard rails imposed by Solid and how the available degrees of freedom can be filled in the different domains. However, the demand for enterprise-ready, cloud-native, and highly reliable solutions implies additional constraints, which currently are not sufficiently regarded in any of the named initiatives. We will therefore briefly present our lessons learned, describe the gaps and shortcomings from an ERP-Provider perspective, and open the floor for an interactive discussion.

    Solid Use Cases and Boundaries for Industry, Logistics and Supply Chains

    STAR working group, Fraunhofer SCS & FAU TI

    The Solid working group of Fraunhofer SCS DS&IoT and the FAU Chair of Technical Information Systems discusses potential and realized usage scenarios for decentralised data storage and Solid applications in the field of Logistics and Supply Chains, based on actual and planned projects.

    Within the session we will introduce

    Opening a discussion on recognized Solid limitations, we aim on enabling the formation of interorganizational teams with interest in solving chosen limitation parts as contribution to the Solid code or solid apps.

    Enabling people & organizations to share data without concerns

    Regis Verschueren,, approx. 12:05 - 12:30


    Here you find the slides discussed at the Potentials & Challenges Session

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